Velvety brown eyes and a devil-may-care smile, 
you make women swoon. 
It’s the glint in your eye, 
the swagger in your walk, 
your rippling muscles, you make
every street you strut down your own. 
What woman can resist a Latino lover 
who lives big and hard, 
who’s not afraid to show passion? 

Ah Pedro, most men can’t even hold a limp candle
to your blazing flame. 
You light women’s hearts on fire,
you’ve even made some cry 
because they can’t imagine 
going back to life without you. 
You’re the golden boy, the hot Mexican dancer,  
and the tender affectionate one
who elicits a flood of oxytocin 
in everyone who meets your gaze. 

You’re a good Chihuahua. 

—Candice G. Ball 

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