In the beginning God created light, but it wasn’t until he created coffee that morning came to be.

The beginning really began with coffee.


Morning begins with coffee flowing down my throat —cup after cup—with just enough cream to prevent green teeth and just enough sugar to zap droopy eyes.

But it doesn’t end here.


God knew coffee was good but he also knew it could be better. So from the heavens came espresso, Dark French Roast, Blue Pacific, and Turkish coffee.


Coffee is so good, and I thank God for it. Every night as I say my prayers while sipping freshly perked coffee, I thank the supreme Creator for coffee, and then for life.


When I lie in bed visions come to me:

opening a vacuum package of Nabob…sipping a cappuccino…shooting back a row of espressos…touching Colombian Excelso, Kona, and Mocha Java beans mixed together in a large wooden barrel.

Even in darkness, coffee is good.

—Candice G. Ball